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Jadejamrozy 1 day ago


I can't say enough amazing things about A Mano. The food is spectacular, the service is always on point, and the atmosphere is so cozy. It is the perfect spot for a date night or for any occasion. I always get the burrata and the Carbonara. They have a great variety of drinks as well and wine on tap which is super cool. If you're wondering if you should go you definitely should you won't regret it!

Matthew 4 days ago

Italicus Rose Spritz

My favorite spritz and a perfect start to a meal.

Hpark9090 19 days ago


It was the best pasta I ever had :) I loved the creamy sauce with mushroom and scallops. I would like to go back to get more Fusilli <3

Hkdvanbrunt 20 days ago


My mother in law has season tickets to the fox and we always are looking for a great bite to eat before the show. Luckily my husband and I stumbled across A Mano and it's been an easy dinner decision every time. I love the way they always keep a handful of core dishes but also bring in seasonal sides and entrees. Speaking of core dishes, I'd probably die if they removed the Burrata. The cheese, tomato jam, balsamic and bread are a deadly combo that I can pretty much finish myself. Each time I come to A mano I find myself receiving top notch service and incredible Italian food. If you love great food and an intimate but fun atmosphere this is the place for you!

Rosaattra 22 days ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

A Mano is a perfect place to make your local.

Anna.P.Mccord 23 days ago


We love the burrata! My husband and I love to come to Amano, have a couple of cocktails and split a few dishes but the burrata is my favorite by far. The cheese literally melts in your mouth. Yum!

Wglisso1 25 days ago

a mano Old Fashioned

Live across the street and come by for cocktails all the time. Whether it's 6 or 11pm the staff is always friendly and willing to pour a delicious cocktail.

The.Asher.Collins 26 days ago


Incredibly well prepared dish! The mozzarella and tomato jam really made the bread exceptional. Would definitely get it again!

Lroper1991 27 days ago


The carbonara was the best I've ever had! The pasta was al dente, the sweetness of the peas combined with the smokey bacon and rich egg and cheese was perfect. If I have guests in town, a mano is always on my recommendations list.

P9eleven23 about 1 month ago

Flank Steak

Amazing loved it actually would love to have some right now that I think about it will definitely be back for more

Jordan.Kerben about 1 month ago


Great dish, very rich and flavorful!

Mariahbpiazza about 1 month ago


Amano is a neighborhood favorite of my husband and mine. The ambience is low key and comfortable and whether you sit at the bar or a table, our service has always been wonderful. And the food... exceptional! Quality ingredients and novel but not pretentious takes on some Italian classics such as the yummy burrata with basil infused oil and tomato jam served with char grilled bread. Highly recommend!!

Stevenbrantley1 about 1 month ago


The carbonara is incredible. Just the right amount of pancetta. Not too heavy, not too light.

Gdmeaux about 1 month ago


Ok we have been trying to come to A Mano ever since we passed by it several months ago. Finally we were able to get a reservation before a downtown play. We couldn't decide, so we got the Grilled Octopus (better than the one I make at home!), the Cacio e Pepe delicious and too good a price to pass up and then I got the Cioppino. The dish was full of mussels, fish, oysters, shrimp, with a rich sauce. Of course, we were too full for dessert. I will definitely be back to try other dishes and dessert! Very cozy atmosphere also.

Tstoinski about 2 months ago

Charred Octopus

Amazing! Octopus was my favorite, Incredible flavor and best in the city.

Gabiredhead about 2 months ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

Hands down the best gluten free pasta I've found in Atlanta! It doesn't just taste good for gf, it tastes like authentic Italian fair. It IS real pasta - bog in flavor and in texture. This is the only place in Atlanta I can enjoy a full Italian menu - everything I've tried is a feast for the senses!

Timothy.Warnement about 2 months ago


Burrata is the best I have had in Atlanta and is better than the vast majority if not all of the burratas we had in Italy.

Eavanic about 2 months ago


This was by far the best seafood stew I've had in a long time! The mix of the different types of seafood really captured the essence of a dish I would always have in Croatia (which has strong Italian influence). The sauce was delicious and made for great pairing with the rustic bread to dip. The home-made bread as an appetizer was also delicious and tasted like something you can only get in Europe or from an old family recipe. The service was amazing and I will definitely be back - Actually going there tonight for dinner! Our friend worked at A Mano and she only raved about how great the food was. I didn't realize until I actually tried the food that you can tell the care that goes into each dish! Quality food is hard to find, and a place like A Mano is a rare gem! Thank you!

Snickla 3 days ago


Words cannot describe how good this food is... I wish I could select more then one thing. I live around the corner and have brought so many friends, coworkers and family here and they all plan trips to come see me just so they can have dinner here. I have had every dish on the menu and some very good specials as well but the burrata and carbonara are my go to. I always order an extra burrata for the road so I have some for the next day!

Shannonvalexander12 5 days ago


Best burrata I have EVER had!! Something about the tomato jam and basil oil makes it sooo amazing. Definitely a favorite and one to get every time you go!

Jimmy 19 days ago


The service was outstanding. The food was beyond fabulous. And the wine selection is outstanding. I'll recommend A Mano to any and everyone.

Spicecake68 20 days ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

Okay, that was fantastic. My wife and I had the good fortune of meeting some friends here for dinner. We had high expectations and a mano blew our expectations right out of the water. First of all, service was impeccable. Laura worked hard to make sure we were happy and treated us like royalty. We wanted for nothing. And I won't be able to tell you enough good things about the food. This may be the best bolognese I've ever had. They say it takes three days to make. Someone in that kitchen is pouring a great deal of love and soul into their work. Because that dish was excellent. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Environs are comfortable and cozy. Intimate and personal, but simple and almost understated. The bar is well equipped to handle any mixologist's imagination. And a mano has put together a nice list of signature cocktails and special wines to compliment your meal. The house red did not disappoint. We decided to sample a number of things. Among the antipasti, the Charred Octopus is a real winner. The texture is just right and the caramelized fennel and citrus on that plate just makes things perfect. The Burrata is also crowd pleaser. I mean, how can you go wrong with some excellent grilled Sourdough and that creamy cheese? This dish was plated with basil oil, tomato jam and some aged balsamic. Among the primi, the aforementioned Bolognese is going to knock your socks right off. Three days in the making, the bolognese has a slight burn and the taste is carefully crafted during that time. You may just roll your eyes. But if the bolognese doesn't do it, perhaps the Fusilli will. This has a more creamy approach, and contains scallops, mushrooms, and a whole heap of freakin' goodness. It was an instant favorite. Among the secondi, I recommend the Duck Breast, the Pork Chop, and the Cioppino. The Pork Chop may be one of the best pork chops I've ever eaten. Savory and dressed with some root vegetables and sherry, it is also among the many crowd pleasers on the menu. Same with the Duck Breast. It's made with a blueberry mostarda (sp?), and is also served with root veggies. And the Cioppino is the one dish I kind-of want to go back and eat all by myself with an extra serving of that grilled sourdough on the side. Hands down delicious. After dinner, we splurged on the Bread Pudding. I want to say there was bourbon involved, but at this point my vocabulary had devolved into appreciative whimpering and an almost reverent silence. I cannot wait for my next visit. Holler if you're coming with.

Izabelaalgav 23 days ago

Cacio e Pepe

The Cacio e Pepe at A Mano is truly amazing! One of my favorites that I've had! Additionally I am obsessed with the atmosphere of this restaurant. It is small and the dishes are selective which allows for such quality dishes with a super authentic feel!

Langstonvaughn 24 days ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

This bolognese is wonderful!

Britmmatthews 25 days ago


Burrata is not an easy dish to recreate. You basically have to go somewhere where they know how it's done. A Mano is that place. It's hard to pass on this appetizer... which is why I don't. It's light enough to leave me wanting more, like the bolognese, but enough to hold me over so I can enjoy a cocktail between courses. The atmosphere is cozy & romantic. The staff does an excellent job of creating a classy, clean, & warm environment. When my parents visit from out of town, A Mano is a must.

Jdidrick3 26 days ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

The bolognese was incredible! We also got the buratta and it was amazing. Highly recommend a mano!

Zagetty 28 days ago


The Burrata is a must have! When I am having a bad day, all I need to do is think back on how great this dish and experience always is and then decide when I am coming back to a mano.

Nreidich about 1 month ago

Cacio e Pepe

Came here with my wife for our anniversary. We sat at the bar while waiting for a table on the porch. Bar tender made some great cocktails; special of the night was very good. Sitting outside for dinner was lovely. I got the cacio e Pepe and loved it. My wife got the carbonara and it wqs fantastic. Had the burrata for an appetizer and it was my favorite part of dinner. The grilled bread was amazing. Definitely coming back here.

Sharonszmuc about 1 month ago

Cacio e Pepe

Not only is the service amazing, but this small boutique homey restaurant is the perfect date spot. The food is delicious, the pasta is mouthwatering and even the gluten-free pasta taste homemade and you wouldn't notice the difference. One of my favorite spots in the city. They have a great outdoor seating and wine selection!

Casey.Broday about 1 month ago

Italian Skillet Bread

YUM! The skillet bread is incredible! I had high expectations and it exceeded! It's a must every time we're at Amano!

Justin.Adrian.Sullivan about 1 month ago

Beef Tartare

I though the beef tartare was amazing. It was fresh, beautiful and plated really nicely with a bit of mustard and truffle and an egg yolk placed on top. It was fun to eat having mixed the yolk with the beef and pulling in other flavors from the plate making each bite a little different. The crostini was toasted perfectly. Paired nicely with the negroni as a starter.

Ambowcott about 1 month ago


I can't get enough of this place! Perfect ambiance, great patio, and excellent service. It really feels like a locals spot but with the elevated, delicious food of an exotic fine dining experience. The burrata is a MUST ORDER. We were on the fence about which appetizer to try the first time we visited and it took very little nudging to get us to order this, but wow I am glad we did. The charred octopus is also incredible. I think octopus is often done poorly but wow that is not the case here! Also, the potatoes are a great starter. Can never go wrong with the carbonara here! You can tell the pasta is fresh and the egg on top is a great touch. Also, the portion is just enough to feel satisfied but not overly full. The drinks are also amazing. I love the negroni. Servers also do a great job making wine pairing suggestions for meals. The patio is a great place to sit and enjoy yourself and is on a busy enough street to allow for some people watching, but tucked away enough that you can really just relax & enjoy everything a mano has to offer. I have been here a handful of times and always leave thrilled with the quality of service, food, and drinks.

Setooley about 2 months ago


The BEST pasta meal I've ever gotten. I get this carbonara every single time I go and I am never disappointed. It has great flavor for a great price. HIGHLY recommend this dish and A Mano in general!

Kseebohm3 about 2 months ago


I always have a hard time choosing which pasta to get at delightful italian joints like a mano and it is typically hard to go wrong. However the Fusilli really exceeded my combinations and was a wonderful spark to the senses with the combination of the mushrooms, cream, and perfectly cooked pasta. Would recommend!

Njohnson1118 about 2 months ago

Cacio e Pepe

Delicious. We're already talking about returning and having some more soon!

Brentbausser about 2 months ago


I almost hate having to select only one dish (the cauliflower is delish, the burrata to die for). The Cioppino, however, is so remarkable that I really don't mind. For most of my days, I lived completely meat-lessly. A Mano's Cioppino is the dish I reference when I tell people, "Beginning to eat seafood is the best decision I've made in a decade."