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Emma8692 3 days ago


Best carbonara in Atlanta! I get it every time!

Ewhipple10 3 days ago


Good Day, fellow Quarantiners! I wanted to give a quick shout-out to a pasta that my wife and I picked up last night (not Fusilli, although we did get that too but it's not the focus of this review) that is not typically on the was a fresh 'a mano' take on an old classic that we've all probably had before - Chicken Alfredo. In short, it was fantastic! And I'm not exaggerating...the alfredo sauce was subtly creamy, rich and uniquely flavored in the way that a mano has become known for. The pasta was exquisitely constructed (per usual) and cooked to perfection. To top it off, in each bite there were copious amounts of chargrilled chicken - a must-have for me in any well put together chicken pasta dish. The only downside—its not a regular menu item! I guess they're just testing it out for the time being, to see how the market responds, and if so, a small piece of advice - MAKE IT A MAINSTAY! I think it would make for a strong overall addition, and appropriate complement to the other dinner items. Thank you for your time and attention, and I look forward to eating this again soon! -Whip

Hweichengreen 12 days ago


the burrata is to die for! I get it literally every time I come (which is a lot) and it never fails to wow me.

Jennifer 16 days ago

a mano

WOW - third visit to a mano, and tonight enjoyed a wonderful cocktail, "2 Legit 2 Quit" at the plant-based popup! I missed the (always perfect!) cacio e pepe, but LOVED the mushroom-based carne asada. Favorite restaurant in ATL.

Ksamour5149 16 days ago

Miele + Fumo

The Miele + Fumo cocktail was fantastic- so smooth with a great ginger taste and just the right amount of sweetness! I also had the Bucatini alla Bolognese which was so delicious. The pasta was cooked perfectly! Will definitely be coming back again!

Jay 25 days ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

I brought three work colleagues and a new recruit to a mano. it was spectacular - Meal was great - cocktails and wine all wonderful and the service was spectacular - A great way to recruit new talent to this neighborhood!

Snord1 about 1 month ago

Duck Breast

The duck breast is sublime...not to be missed. It is done to perfection every time.

Hemills1 about 1 month ago


Delicious! I had the gluten free noodles, which were excellent. The sauce was rich. I can't wait to come back!

Micaiti about 1 month ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

I haven't been to a mano and NOT ordered this dish, it's delicious! It is full of flavor but not too rich and doesn't weigh you down...hard to find with Italian food!

Stephany about 1 month ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

Amazing plate, very delicious and different from what all other restaurants will offer, place is very clean. Will definitely be coming back with my family and friends for dinner

Corienne about 1 month ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

Tonight was mine and my boyfriends first time at a mano. We sat at the bar and Brendon took extremely great care of us. We were mesmerized at his knowledge of the bar and his techniques. Hands down the best service we have ever had in our lives. We will certainly be back and we will certainly be telling all of our friends about Brenden. Amazing food as well. The kitchen staff really knows what they're doing. That was the best pasta I have ever eaten. Thank you again, a mano. - Cori

Ange8806 about 2 months ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

I wish I could remember our waitress's name because she was phenomenal! My bucatini was fantastic and the skillet bread is always a family fave. We had a great Valentine's Day dinner and I always recommend this place to friends and family. Thank you for another great meal ♥️

Madeleine about 2 months ago

Cacio e Pepe

If one pasta dish exemplifies the complexity of pan sauce precision, it's cacio e pepe (literally, cheese and pepper). Rich cheese, bronze-extruded pasta, and freshly-ground pepper — the ultimate comfort food, spaghetti cacio e pepe is a simple a mano dish that when it touches the taste buds you are in Italy. Just wash it down with some smooth pinot noir, and you have your self a night and moment that lasts for a lifetime.

Saradelina8 about 2 months ago


Love this carbonara!

Weddingswithstephanie 2 months ago


We ate here two nights in a row, soooo good!! We had the Buratta, Apple Salad, Cacio de Pepe, Fusilli, and bread pudding!! Best place ever!! Great atmosphere, amazing service and the best Italian food!! I will eat here every time I come to Atlanta!!

Julieholkeboer 2 months ago


Just fantastic. What you should expect from an authentic Italian restaurant. When you pair it with great ambiance, it's a winner for me.

Kellijok 2 months ago

Cacio e Pepe

The best kind of comfort food! Even a basic dish can go very wrong, but a mano's Cacio e Pepe is perfection!

Nickcolangelo 2 months ago

Cacio e Pepe

It's hard to find a great Cacio e Pepe in Atlanta, but Amano comes closer than any other! The noodles are perfectly cooked and the fresh pepper, and cheese really bring this dish together. Everyone I dined with was pleased with their meals as well. We will be back.

Tiffanyle227 2 months ago

Salted Caramel Bread Pudding

The caramel bread pudding was awesome. One of the best desserts I have ever had. I would recommend it to anyone if you love bread pudding like I do.

Maryluby1026 2 months ago

Salted Caramel Bread Pudding

It is hard to choose just one dish! Multiple times I have come to eat and never once have I been slightly disappointed. I don't live in Atlanta but I always make time to come eat when I'm in town! Allll delicious yes please!

Laurenkane5893 3 days ago

Cacio e Pepe

Best italian food in Atlanta my husband and I love this spot !The best pasta is fresh and delicious and the bread pudding is AMAZING! So happy they are open for carry out

Kayliewallacewalter 6 days ago

Cacio e Pepe

Even though it's a fairly basic dish, this is the BEST cacio e pepe in atlanta!! Perfect weight, so flavorful, hits the spot every time.

Lindseyg10 12 days ago


a mano is our go-to neighborhood restaurant, especially when we have guests in town. Out of the 25+ dinners we've enjoyed here, I can honestly say we've ordered the burrata every single time. From the freshly grilled bread to the smoothest burrata to the perfectly drizzled tomato jam...this dish has it all. 11/10 recommend.

Jeangay 16 days ago

Vegan Pasta

I love that a mano offers this beautiful and delicious plant-based pasta option. I really savor each bite and don't feel like the quality of the meal is reduced just because it is dairy-free. Thank you!

Damjim79 24 days ago

Salted Caramel Bread Pudding

By far the BEST bread pudding I've had in Atlanta... wait... BEST I've ever had. The dinner is amazing, but the bread pudding is legendary. Don't miss this.

Nicole about 1 month ago


This is definitely my favorite Italian spot in Atlanta, all the ingredients are super fresh tasting and have perfect flavor. Also the cocktails are bomb!

Chris about 1 month ago


Was at a mano on a cold night so I wanted a cocktail to warm me up. Spiritualized did just that. Smooth drinking and tasty. I highly recommend.

Wisecathy about 1 month ago


this is simple but so delicious that every time i go - i eat it. one of these days i'll have to try something new! the drinks are fab too. and the skillet bread. wow.

Kellyelizabethrobinson about 1 month ago


We LOVE a mano. Everything on the menu is wonderful - we've tried many of the dishes (burrata is the best we've ever had, carbonara is fantastic, brussel sprouts are to die for). The service is always wonderful. Laura and the team are friendly, knowledgeable, and hospitable. The Sunday night pop-ups are a great way to get connected with local, Atlanta chefs. We can't recommend it enough!

Schouwenaars about 1 month ago

Charred Octopus

One of my ALL TIME favorite dishes and a mano does it soooo well. It's tender and charred. The orange segments are a bright twist! Octopus at it's best!!!

Anu about 1 month ago


Was deliciously sweet and strong, would recommend!

Guest about 2 months ago


this was amazing, I can't wait to have it again!

Mattymeador about 2 months ago

Cacio e Pepe

Love a mano and love Cacio e Pepe. Their take on the classic Roman dish is excellent, but I wish that they left out the olive oil in their preparation of the dish. While adding fat like oil or butter to this dish helps bring the sauce together and emulsify much more easily, it takes away from the simplicity, and more importantly, the authenticity of the dish. I understand that many American kitchens that serve this dish incorporate fat into it, because let's face it, fat tastes good, and for the kitchen, they can get the dish out faster because the fat helps emulsify the sauce more quickly than simply using starchy pasta water and cheese, BUT I do wish that a restaurant that seems so dialed in to the authenticity of their cuisine and its origin would live up to it a little more in this dish.

Lxschun about 2 months ago


The carbonara was delicious!! It was seasoned to perfection. I would gladly order it again!

Mitchell31440 2 months ago


One of the best burrata's I have ever eaten. Perfectly salted, very bright flavor. Amazing texture

Kristen 2 months ago


This is my favorite dish in all of Atlanta! It's a perfect combination of balanced flavors (hearty but light, creamy but bright, savory and fresh), and complimentary textures (luscious scallops, bouncy mushrooms, light greens and fun, playful pasta). I'm compelled to savor each bite, trying my hardest to keep it cool and not make yummy noises or embarrassingly blissful expressions, as I devour the whole plate. Every single time. It's an absolutely perfect dish. Thank you, Chef!

Seldridge 2 months ago


WOW to everything at a mano!! I recently tried the Carbonara for the 1st time -- between the wonderful pasta made IN HOUSE, the yummy pancetta, & the sweet peas -- I will definitely add this dish to my list of favorities. Oh, and please don't forget to leave room for dessert. Any bread pudding at a mano always makes me want to lick the plate. Thanks to George for being such a wonderful owner of this establishment & gracious host.

L 2 months ago

Bucatini alla Bolognese

This is one of the best bolognese dishes I've ever had! You can taste how fresh the ingredients are and it feels so authentically Italian! The sauce is thick and hearty with beef and vegetables, giving it a nice volume while incorporating all those flavors. The ricotta cheese on top offers a nice creamy addition to the sauce - I mixed mine all around to get some in every bite :) In addition to the food, the staff is AMAZING! The woman who greeted us (who I'm guessing is the owner) literally called us "family" from the moment we walked in. She made us feel comfortable and like we knew her already. Then she ended up being our server as well! She made sure we understood the menu and anything new that had been added and she was very attentive to our table. I will definitely be going back here OFTEN - luckily I have a friend who lives across the street! :)

Nataliehurlock 2 months ago

Cacio e Pepe

a mano is simply the best! I have been here several times and tried several different dishes including cacio e pepe, bucatini alla bolognese, carbona, and the flank steak. I have loved ALL of them. The cocktails are lovely. The ambience is perfect, and and the staff has treated us well each time.

Charles 2 months ago


I'm more than happy with my choice of going to a mano tonight - This was my first experience at this restaurant, which is conveniently less than 1 mile from my condo. Greg was a great server. We never went without a drink and recommendations were fantastic; from the appetizers to entrees to desserts. George, the owner, was very kind in discussion - giving us reassurance of the standard of service and also informing us of restaurant events, such as guest chefs with rotating menus on Sundays. All in all, I'm really glad I stopped in tonight. P.S.:For entrees: the Beef Ragu and Fusilli were both delicious. For cocktails: The Crimson & Clover and Old Fashions are fantastic.


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